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ADA Signs/Handicap Signs in Cleveland, Ohio

Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act means warranting your establishment has the right ADA signage for every patron.

Supply Signs is committed to ensuring your business’ success. Our wide-ranging options for ADA signs and handicap signs include Braille, accessible parking signs, and handicap labels. With the proper signage, through applying the necessary ADA standards for accessible designs in your restrooms and on walls, you create a welcoming and easily accessible building for all customers.

All our ADA signs and handicap signs and stickers are created with long-lasting, durable materials suitable for both indoor and outdoor application, and also offer the options for Spanish and various bilingual formats. We will manufacture all your required ADA signs and handicap signs using the latest ADA regulations to guarantee compliance and accessibility for all customers!

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ADA Guidelines

The task of securing a wall-mount sign may seem daunting at first, but with the proper steps, you can easily install exit, safety, and information signs in accordance with the stated regulations for your establishment. Following our guidelines for proper ADA measurements and choosing the right installation method means attaching the wall-mount sign in a matter of minutes!

Here are the basics:
First, it is important to make sure your attaching surface is non-textured (smooth) and cleaned–both of these things provide for the greatest adherence possible. When selecting the right height, it is imperative to know that the ADA requires the center of your wall-mount sign to be sixty inches above the ground. If the wall-mount sign is near a door, ADA requirements state that the sign is placed on the latched side of the door, two to three inches from the jamb. On a similar note, if the wall-mount is near double doors, then it should be placed on the right side of the doors. If the sign cannot be on the wall due to lack of spacing, then post it on the nearest adjacent wall.

For a thorough understanding of the ADA guidelines, read the full set of regulations here